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For example, the Olympic athlete chooses success in athletics (level two) over pleasures of the body (level one), which might be found in abusing drugs or alcohol.

One can attain more level one happiness by sleeping late on Monday morning, but would sacrifice level two happiness by not be able to earn money at work.

And level four happiness is found in loving and serving God.

Although we may desire each level of happiness, not every level provides equal and lasting contentment.

On the other hand, one could gain more of a level two happiness by cheating others out of their money, but would be sacrificing a level three happiness by unfairly using them rather than helping them.

Since daily living often requires a choice of one activity over another, practical wisdom is the virtue that enables one to make decisions which will lead to true happiness.

In order for us to be objectively happy, we need to engage in activities that accord with virtue, especially the virtue of love. The two great commandments given by Jesus: “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind….

On average, people who practice their faith report greater happiness than those who do not.

Commenting on Aristotle, who argued that human happiness necessarily involves friendship, St.

Thomas Aquinas added that we can be friends not only with other human beings, but also with God.

Pastoral ministry is an indispensable means by which Catholic students can, in fulfillment of their baptism, be prepared for active participation in the life of the Church; it can assist in developing and nurturing the value of marriage and family life, fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life, stimulating the Christian commitment of the laity and imbuing every activity with the spirit of the Gospel.

Moral development in the Catholic intellectual tradition is linked to true human happiness. The answers to these questions provide the proper intellectual context for considering the common practices on America’s Catholic campuses.

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