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He can make plans for the future whether that be the next month or the next year.He can confidently answer the question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?Even so, it reveals a man who seems more than reasonably coherent. A licensed insurance agent, his only recorded brush with the law was a 2003 speeding ticket in Oregon.The Gazette reports: In Colorado Springs, Harpham, 33, lived modestly in a series of apartments and worked in insurance. The lone tenant inside the Prospect Street house, he had lived there for a few months, and prior to that lived in a house across the street with his girlfriend, the owner of the property said. “Knock me over with a feather – that guy was just a nice guy. “I couldn’t imagine for a second that he would even have a weapon.If the thought of coming up with your own holiday-themed drinks, cooking everything just right and dealing with a pile of dishes is cramping your holiday style, we have a list of restaurants here to help.WASHINGTON – Congressional leaders moved toward another short-term spending stopgap Wednesday after talks aimed at passing more-ambitious legislation appeared to collapse as a government shutdown deadline approached.If anything happens to me, I love you guys' " Samora said.

Here's why:1 He appreciates you and it’s more about you An older woman can bring a lot to the table -- emotionally, financially and in terms of general life experience.

But it's still not clear why he may have opened fire near a cash register at the Walmart Supercenter Wednesday night, killing two men and a woman.

"We believe as of right now that the shooting was random," Thornton Police Officer Victor Avila said. Finally we just keeping pushing the door and it opens up.

But you don’t have to be Jennifer Lopez to snare a committed and adorable younger fella.

You have to not overlook this fun pool of potential suitors in pursuit of a traditional older man.

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