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at the Luxor is a one-way ticket into the realm of Vegas’ wizarding bad-assery (yeah, we just coined a new term to express ourselves).

It’s nothing like pulling fluffy bunnies out of top hats - if the world of magicians had a bad boy, Criss Angel would be it.

The 60s ushered in an era when smoking on planes was perfectly acceptable, seatbelts weren’t a big deal, your kids were the remote control, and a dark-haired boy from Long Island would grow up to become a household name.

More than your run-of-the-mill “abracadabra,” Criss Angel’s MINDFREAK LIVE!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Darren Criss The fest is set to be bigger and better than last year, with the addition of bands and composers in addition to Broadway acts.

Darren is even set to take the stage although he’s not sure what he’ll be doing!

A smitten Criss first shared a couple snaps beside his girlfriend (and their famous friends, including Celine Dion and Kylie Jenner) in late 2016, sweetly calling her "mi hermosa" and "mi amor" in the captions.

Then, a video surfaced where Belinda serenades Criss' family during a holiday dinner, with a mariachi band included.

The magician - one of the world's most successful - appeared to hit-out at Chloe's ex-husband in the tweet, Murray Sawchuck, who has a residency at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas Back in time: Chloe and Criss were first confirmed as a couple in October, just one month after she and Murray (pictured together in September 2015), 41, were said to have ended their three year marriage'It's early days, but Chloe and Criss are very happy,' said the insider. Although Murray is putting on a brave face he's absolutely devastated.

The charity is working to "raise awareness of pediatric cancer and provide funds for research, treatment, and, ultimately, a cure." WATCH: Shannen Doherty Shares 'the Many Faces of Cancer' During Chemotherapy In June, Angel happily revealed that his son was in remission.

"I believe he will be healed," he told Johnny was still undergoing chemotherapy, blood transfusions and spinal taps, and receiving medical care in Australia where he lives with his mom.

Darren Criss and his girlfriend Mia Swier hold hands as they head out of The Nice Guy on Monday night (August 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actor is getting ready to put on the second year of his outdoor music festival Elsie Fest this September.

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