Extreme chat rooms

Our chat rooms provide the most in-depth trading value.

We not only are very diversified traders, but we know exactly how to critically explain our trading strategies and illustrate the trade setups before and after the measure moves happen so our community, can both capitalize on our trades, most importantly learn from our live trading strategies!

We provide weekly swing trade watchlists with stocks that are getting ready to make big moves.

Our watchlists show our expected entries, profit targets, and stop losses with a risk to reward ratio greater than 3:1.

Praying that the lord gives us the proper knowledge and guidance to educate our community and to help guide us all to make safe and successful trades that we can benefit the kingdom, allowing us to have financially free and prosperous lives that allow us to receive less than we provide for others.

We provide an excel document that will allow members to track their trades! You must treat your trades as any business book keeping.

Wether small or large portfolio, swing trading or investing is crucial to understand the overall market, further making you a well-educated trader.

Prior to the market open, we provide our members with a market update and an update on our current open swing positions.

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Day and swing trading has helped many members gain extreme financial freedom only working a few short hours a day!We have clear and precise guidelines how to track your trading statistics, that will help your trading winning percentages significantly. Understand your rules and guidelines will allow you to have risk management guidelines in place, further allowing to increase your average winning percentage and allow your loosing trades to be much less, more importantly understanding your mistakes and learning from them!This is crucial to understanding guidelines as to which stock, option contracts to buy. This teaches you exactly how to study past successful and unsuccessful trade setups.It may take up to a minute or two for the message to arrive.Your Black Berry 10 smartphone must be turned on and have network connectivity to receive the message.

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