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Furthermore, they were even less knowledgeable when it came to the female psychology of anal sex.

While I find it easy to blame these young men, I have also learned to assume some share of the responsibility as well.

I have made no secret of the fact that those experiences may be thickly layered with what I call "embellishment." I suppose you could also call it creative license.

What embellishment that may occur in this story is mostly just from filling in gaps in my memory of the events portrayed here or otherwise trying to make the story more readable.

I guess you can say this is part of my maturation as a woman.

I have learned to accept the fact that I allowed this to happen to me and that I was just as ignorant as my lovers.

What I learned was that I was not unique in this regard.

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Over the years, I had discussed this with many other women and a few male lovers.

Surprisingly, I discovered that porn, both written and video, had a large part to play in the attitude and approach that many men had towards anal eroticism.

I can't really say that proper technique plays a large role in any depiction of anal sex in most porn genres, even today in a time that I like to think of as more sexually "enlightened." I still read stories here on Literotica, that, at their best, can be best described as "improbable," and at worst are simply scary.

I was shocked to see that many writers did not share this belief, and some that were plainly hostile to it.

The response by other authors to my forum posts was filled with language such as "it's just a fantasy" and "the need to suspend disbelief." I have a hard time with those concepts because I somehow doubt that many readers, especially the young and inexperienced, are able to differentiate "fantasy" and real life.

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