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It had been just over six months since Susan and Michael had attended the funeral of her ex-husband and Michael's father Robert, it was not particularly sad affair as far as Susan was concerned she had been divorced for seven years now.At first she had no intentions of attending but thought better of it for her son's sake.

He never bothered her much sexually which was a good thing in one way and country to what he believed he wasn't' the great lover he thought he was.

As Michael may construe that his mother thought he was ill.

So over the next two or three months mother and son became almost inseparable, her listening attentively to any little problem that Michael may have real or imaginary and treat them both with the same respect.

It was only the first time that he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

As she was only eighteen she was naïve enough to believe he meant what he said.

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