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Rising Star, a 1,500-page tome by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Garrow, is the result of nine years’ research and interviews with more than 1,000 people.It includes sensational claims that Obama failed to tell the truth about the extent of his drug-taking, flirted with homosexuality and wrote out of his memoirs a girlfriend with whom he lived for two years and twice proposed to.There was, Garrow says, little racial discrimination in racially diverse Hawaii anyway.Although one former friend is convinced Obama started experimenting with cocaine in his teens, Obama’s claim he used to swagger into classes ‘drunk or high, daring [his teachers] to say something’ appears to have been a flight of fancy, according to Garrow.At university — Occidental College — in Los Angeles, Barry took part in his dorm’s nightly beer and cannabis binges, occasionally snorting cocaine, too.He was ‘always vague’ about his family — until, one night when he took psychedelic ‘magic mushrooms’ and, said fellow student Sim Heninger, ‘just came unglued, he was a mess’.In the Seventies, Hawaiian high school students referred to smoking marijuana as ‘chooming’ and ‘Barry’, as Obama then called himself, led the Choom Gang, a group of boys who loved to play basketball, drink beer and smoke marijuana.Speaking now, none of those friends remembered Obama as anything but happy, relaxed and outgoing — hardly the angry, racially conflicted ‘thug’ that he has described in his own writing.

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But the new book reveals Obama’s most ‘explosive’ personal secret, claims Garrow.The next glamorous white girlfriend was Australian Genevieve Cook, who Obama met at a New York Christmas party in 1983. F’s for all the f***ing we do.’Obama has claimed his cocaine use was limited to a brief dalliance in his teens, but Genevieve claims that he was still snorting it when they were together. For every five lines that somebody did, he would have done half,’ she said.He had graduated and was working in a dull office job. The man who would controversially support legalising marijuana as President appeared to have conflicting views about harder drugs.When Alex returned to Occidental College, they wrote fiercely intellectual letters to each other.No wonder at Harvard Law School a few years later, classmates created an ‘Obamameter’ ranking ‘how pretentious someone’s remarks are in class’.

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