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-- A downtown Martinsville landmark dating back more than 80 years is back in business.

It’s the big sign on top of the building at the northwest corner of the Courthouse Square, the one that proclaims “Martinsville City Of Mineral Water.”The sign was put up during an era when Martinsville was the site of several mineral water sanitariums, much like those in French Lick and West Baden Springs.

As the youngest of nine children, Alex was always in the kitchen with his mom.

Alex wanted to gain some more experience, so he left Stone House after a few years, and worked at a French bistro and then on to a trendy hotspot restaurant, both in Manhattan. His love of food and passion for excellence, make him a true memorymaker.However, Carissa had found her home and career here and over time she has worked her way up to becoming an event stylist at Stone House.Her favorite part of the job is that she gets to be a part of one of the most important days of someone’s life, their wedding day.Both energetic and passionate, she never misses an opportunity to go above and beyond to make guests happy.Frank Encarnacion, during his extensive career in the Chemical Industry, at companies including Lubrizol, realized his greatest joy is working with and helping people.

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