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That page will look like this: After you select the rating, and select “OK” select “Confirm.” Then select “Other Settings” and “OK.” For each setting, select “Do not restrict” or “Restrict” and “Next” to proceed.

(Some features will not appear until the Wii console is connected to the Internet).

Pornhub recently tweeted their full support of both PS4 and XBOX One because they have web browsers, allowing users to access pornography through the Internet.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent yourself and your kids from downloading inappropriate games off of the Xbox, Wii or Play Station. The Wii is a really popular console amongst families, especially with smaller children.

Finally, if you check your email, you will notice a confirmation e-mail from your Wii U. You can also decide if you want to create an Xbox Live membership and/or connect to Xbox Live.

As you do with any console, turn on your Xbox and click on your Avatar (the little person-type character on the screen sleeping). If you don’t have an account but your child does, it would be good for you to create your own account where you can manage the privacy settings.

After you create your PIN, tap “OK.” Now, it will ask you to select a security question.

Use your on-screen keyboard to type in your answer to that selected security question and when you are done, tap “OK.” You can also tap “Start Over” to redo your PIN and security question. Now, you can register your e-mail address, just in case you ever forget your PIN, to reset it. If you don’t want to register your e-mail, tap “No E-mail Address” or press the X button then tap “OK.” Using the on-screen keyboard, enter in your e-mail address and then tap “OK.” You will have to enter your e-mail in one more time to confirm, and then tap “OK” one more time. With Xbox, you not only can control the ratings and content of games and videos, but you can control how long you or your family stays on the Xbox.

After selecting that profile, you’ll be shown the current settings and restrictions.So, go all the way to the right of your menu where the “Settings” are and click on “Family.” Select “On” to turn on console safety and enter a 4-button pass code using your controller.Then select “Save and Exit.” Once you do this, you can control all the parental controls easily.It will ask you for a PIN number, so think of a few numbers that your kids can’t hack and then input those numbers.It’s advised to not to make your PIN simple like 1234 or 4321, etc., Think of numbers that are random, like 4893, or 5820, it can be anything.

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