Military marriages and dating

For the next 150 years, there was conflict between the British and the French, both of whom claimed ownership of the territory.The Treaty of Paris in 1763 ended the conflict, and granted most lands claimed by the French to the British.Therefore, the entire court file, including all exhibits filed as evidence and any allegations made by one party about the other, is available for public inspection, once the file has been transferred to the Archives.As a practical matter, the divorce files are kept at the courthouse for two years after the divorce has been finalized, presumably because there may be residual issues to be dealt with during this time period.In an effort to govern an increasing population, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were divided into two separate provinces.Civil Registration Records Civil registration of New Brunswick vital records (births, marriages and deaths) began in January of 1888.In 1812, a new Act seeking to improve marriage registration was passed.In addition to requiring all clergymen performing marriages (except for Quakers), as well as the Justices of the Peace, to send certificates of marriage to the county Clerk of the Peace, it set out detailed requirements with respect to the contents of the marriage certificates and the format of the County Marriage Register.

European explorers began moving through the area in the late 1500s, and French colonists in the 1600s named the area which is now New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Acadia.With respect to the other New Brunswick vital records (births, marriages, and deaths), there are restrictions on access to the records during the above time periods, when they are housed by the Vital Statistics Office.If you meet their criteria for gaining access, the Vital Statistics Office will provide you with a copy of the requested document(s), at the following rates (as of 2011): Copies of New Brunswick vital records dating from earlier than this time period can be obtained from the Provincial Archives for per record. County Marriage Records Laws regulating marriage, first passed in 1791, allowed only the following individuals to conduct marriages: Couples from other denominations would have to use one of the first two means if they wanted their marriage to be legally recognized.Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics, a work which compiles New Brunswick and area newspaper accounts of births, deaths, marriages, and moves outside the province from 1794 to 1896. You can order copies of more recent certificates (i.e., those held by the Vital Statistics Office) online, by mail, or in person from the Vital Records Office, for the fees outlined above, provided you meet the criteria for access.Their mailing address and physical location are as follows: New Brunswick Department of Health and Wellness Vital Statistics Office Box 6000 Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5H1 Canada Physical Location: Suite 203, 435 King Street, Fredericton, NB Phone: (506) 453-2385 Fax: (506) 444-4139 The New Brunswick Provincial Archives building is located on the campus of the University of New Brunswick.

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