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“It’s a horrible idea,” says John Ulzheimer, credit expert at Credit “When you co-sign you are essentially…guaranteeing payment on behalf of someone whom the lender feels isn’t credit worthy on their own.” Co-signed debt can also come to haunt you, should you ever get divorced.

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You can only charge as much as you put down as collateral.Another strategy, if you earn enough money: Consider taking on some monthly costs that you previously shared—like rent or the car payment—by yourself to allow your spouse to use more of his or her salary towards personal debt. Another possibly efficient way to improve your partner’s credit rating is by adding him or her to one of your major credit cards as an authorized user.“Most scoring models incorporate authorized user accounts in the [credit score] calculation, so they can contribute positively,” says Griffin.Assuming you both use the account responsibly and pay the monthly balance on time and in full, both your credit profiles can benefit.But you should know that your spouse will not be liable for payments.

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