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I was in my shorts and t shirt and my wife in her nity ( Unassuming of anything ) and I offered the boy one of my shorts to wear since his would get dirty. Obviously it was big for him and his condition does not permit him to wear any underwear etc.He was a bit uncomfortable but could not deny me and went about wearning the loose shorts.In the coming weekend had planned to get the house spring cleaned as we were expecting some guests over the next week.

I was part of the cleaning in between would escape in pretext of a smoke and managed to put on my computer and checked emails etc.I went near and lifted the boy and seeing his erection, held in my hand and asked what it was.I expressed surprise on his hard on and he began to sort of sob.I happened to see his cock and was indeed surprised to see a very good endowment of approx 6-7 inches long thingy.Usually boys of that age have a small pint sized one and here he was holding a nice hose pipe.

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