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As Regine Andersen of the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (Norway) and the Farmers' Rights Project puts it, "Agricultural biodiversity is being eroded.This trend is putting at risk the ability of future generations to feed themselves.Landraces are often free from many intellectual property and other regulatory encumbrances.However, in some jurisdictions, a focus on their production may result in missing out on some benefits afforded to producers of genetically selected and homogenous organisms, including breeders' rights legislation, easier availability of loans and other business services, even the right to share seed or stock with others, depending on how favorable the laws in the area are to high-yield agribusiness interests.

In such a case, the landrace may be thought of as a "stage" in breed development.All components of the [plant] population are adapted to local climatic conditions, cultural practices, and disease and pests." Landrace plants are grown from seeds which have not been systematically selected and marketed by seed companies, nor developed by plant breeders.The label landraces includes all those regional cultigens that are highly heterogeneous, but with enough characteristics in common to permit their recognition as a group.For example, the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA) guideline provides a definition of "breed", for "genetic management" purposes, that overlaps with many definitions of landrace, and defines "landrace (or landrace breed)" as a type of "breed".There may be more variety-specific pluses; a plant landrace may have, e.g., lower fertilizer requirements, or something about a plant or animal product's texture, color or ease of use might be a major factor.

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