Sex chat credit card line dating adice

Consider this, a customer signs up for your site, maybe under a trial membership at a discount, and decides not to continue their membership but never cancels.

These additional steps are designed to protect the bank as well as protect the consumer and legitimate adult business owners.

What can you can do to make this seemingly simple service headache free?

The Adult Industry covers a wide range of areas including pornography films and magazines, adult chat sites, adult live video sites, sex toy stores, adult theaters, sex chat lines, adult modeling agencies, strip clubs, and legal prostitution.

A chargeback is when a customer calls their credit card provider and denies a charge as either fraudulent, unpurchased, or unfulfilled.

As soon as this happens the bank who processed the transaction is refunds the charge and begins an investigation to see if the accusation is founded. Imagine this, a husband goes to a strip club or signs up for your adult site without discussing it with his wife.

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