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Next Week: I won’t be recapping Kelly’s vaginal rejuvenation.

I don’t care about Shannon’s kid learning how to drive and I sure don’t want to see Tamra’s son crying about his mean step dad who didn’t teach him how not to beat women.

But this button pushing by Kelly sends her off the charts. Drunk ass, Kelly is standing inside the glass door with her mouth on the glass making window licking faces.

Tamra manages to cheer Shannon up by telling her that Kelly can go suck hairy balls.

""The only risk is the one not taken.""The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."Billed as a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women,” dating coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping singles find love since 2003.

What Vicki said was that David pled guilty to domestic violence.

Kelly, who lives across the street from The Quiet Woman lies to Shannon and said she had no idea they were going to be there. And the second episode ends with Shannon screaming like a banshee that she is DONE!

Kelly comes out of the stall to life up her shirt showing her firm belly and button up her size zero skinny jeans. Lydia and Peggy are sitting alone at the table while Tamra takes Shannon back in the bathroom where I presume she will try pray the crazy away.

Lydia says she doesn’t want to hang out and have dinner with someone who acts like Shannon. Tamra says “Shannon is in a fragile state.” From what exactly? I don’t even face forward on the doctors scale anymore. This is a hormonal situation and you need to admit it’s menopause and not stress eating over Vicki Gunvalson discussing an actual situation (not a lie) that happened between Shannon and her husband.

Unfortunately, double mastectomy seems to be the drinking term. Apparently she wanted a partner to help her with the business because it was getting to large for her to run by herself. In fact he is there too ensure that the security measures are tightened up so that cannot happen again.

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