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Basic Bible Course I Book 1 Course one, book one, contains 24 pages and 108 questions. If services are rendered in their entirety and a degree has been awarded; the school should not be expected to refund fees after a degree has been conferred.It contains the best references on: THE INSPIRED SCRIPTURES THE DIVINE GODHEAD THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST THE PLAN OF SALVATION Basic Bible Course I Book 2 Course one, book two, contains 32 pages and 159 questions. If a student withdraws; if no services were rendered, funds paid in advance for future services will gladly be refunded in their entirety if requested for refund within a six month time period.Faith Missionary Bible Institute recognizes the importance of the faith that you entrust to us. FMA&BI is an outreach ministry of Faith Missionary Church; which is a nondenominational, fundamental, full gospel, community church; established in the 1970′s. Our reliance upon the King James Version of the Holy Bible is based upon two reasons.

IT CONTAINS THE BEST REFERENCES ON: DOCTRINAL UNITY THE SCRIPTURES THE DIVINE GODHEAD THE GOSPEL SALVATION WATER BAPTISM Full Gospel Fundamentals Course II Book 2 COURSE II, BOOK 2 CONTAINS 36 PAGES AND 164 QUESTIONS. The relationship between the husband and wife is compared to that of Christ and the Church, or to God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Bible Survey Old Testament Course 2 (I Kings – Song of Solomon) Our Old Testament survey courses are encompassing the entire 39 books as presented within the King James Version of the Holy Bible. There is; however, no cost reduction or discount of fees for advanced standing.

Text location and word search is an integral component of each per credit course of study as well as essay summary and personal application where indicated. There is no fee for the original documents awarded such as the degree and first transcript.

God is a God of order, and He has created the spiritual and the physical universe to operate on set laws and principles.

Gravity, electricity, chemistry, and other laws of physics operate in a prescribed way.

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